Doomsday Asteroid Productions: the dystopian future of web development is NOW.

Think about it:

...have you ever seen Clark Kent and Kurt Hanover in the same room at the same time?

Long walks on the beach. Smooth jazz. Sustainably-sourced sushi dinners. All this and more is Kurt Hanover – a veritable Renaissance Man, as long as you mean he's just now accepting that the Earth orbits the Sun and not the other way around.

Kurt became involved in web development in 2010, but there's more to this complex mélange of a man than sitting at a desk typing HTML and CSS into a computer all day. Indeed, he sits at a desk and does many, many other things all day! Oh, what a great and varied life he leads!

OK, fine, he gets out from time to time...


Currently working with a Canon 5D Mark III, Kurt approaches his photography with the idea that the more stuff he buys, the more people will think he knows what he's doing. So far, this strategy has worked reasonably well. He's got lenses and a tripod and everything.


Kubrik. Hitchcock. Kurosawa. Scorsese. Spielberg. Cuarón. Lee. Bigelow.

Kurt's seen films by all of these people, and thinks they're A-OK. Top shelf. Crème de la crème.

In other news, Kurt likes to play around with video, editing and motion graphics. He's been intimidated by Adobe After Effects CS6 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and boy, does it show. He's still a little twitchy, but he'll be alright.

Tullamore – Repeating Blu-ray menu

Tullamore, a Celtic folk band, organizes tours of Ireland and Scotland. This is the video menu for the Blu-ray photo slideshow from their 2015 trip (it'll repeat 3 times here). Created using Adobe After Effect CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6.

Opening sequence for vacation video slide show

Occasionally, Kurt will get selfish and create a little something for himself. Hey, he deserves it. Following is the opening sequence to a video slideshow he did for a trip to England. Created with Adobe After Effects CS6.

The Jolly Rogers – Good Times

The Jolly Rogers, a pirate-themed folk group, created a video series promoting the band's upcoming CD project. Shot using the Canon 5D Mk. III and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.